1.   I consider you buy this book in the bookshop.

2.   Everyone in the class must love it from his heart, must consider it as important as his life, and serve it whenever .

3.   So if he is vegetarian he will consider an ad about meat products useless for him.

4.   I have acquired working experience and communication skills which I consider as the most essential for the coordinator of the whole student union.

5.   In my view, we should not consider scores more than the courses themselves.

6.   Considering this, take me for instens, in my opinion, one make a choice should consider all parts and not do what regent him a life.

7.   But how do you consider of it?

8.   Most people usually tend to think that fresh water can never be used up, especially when they consider the fact that we can obtain fresh water from such resources as rainfall , river flowing and well water .

9.   So we don't consider it necessary to save water.

10.   They consider that fresh water can be got from the rain, the river , the will , etc. and these resources of fresh water will never dry up, so they can use fresh water freely as they want.

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